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BrandBook - is a guide book that was developed by professional designers and contains a description and rules of using all elements of corporate styles, starting from the symbol of the company and ending with color solution of the employee badges. BrandBook – is one of the first documents of every company, and is must-have book for every employee that is responsible for promoting a brand on the market. Corporate style is defined by many parameters of the company’s life – the design of the stores, website of the company, manager’s business cards, corporate clothing and etc.

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A brand - is a trademark, an easily recognized symbol of the company that is legally protected. It is an absolute functional necessity of every serious company that is planning ahead to have its own brand. A brand solves a wide variety of problems, for example differentiating you from the competitors, increasing the company’s image, strengthening the trust of the consumers and the reputation of the company on the market. In the wide sense of the word a brand means a set of feelings of the customers relative to the products and services of the company, and therefore, obviously the end result of designing and developing a company symbol – is creating an exclusively positive association of your brand with the customers.

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Polygraph design — polygraph production is considered one of the most effective methods of spreading information about the company, its products and services to a wide group of consumers. The quality of the polygraph developed is essential for the catalogues, booklets, brochures, and signs to be really bright, unique, original, attracting attention and convincing your potential clients in the necessity of buying a product or using a service of the company.

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